Longview man experienced both Lobo state wins, 81 years apart

Longview man experienced both Lobo state wins, 81 years apart

Longview, TX (KLTV) - The state champion Longview Lobos football parade brought out hundreds of people to downtown Longview Wednesday night, including a man who was in eighth grade the last time the Lobos took state in 1937.

KLTV spoke with 94 year-old Bernie Goode, who may have been the only person in attendance who was around for both games.

As he watched the parade, Bernie Goode recalled being 13 years old attending Longview Junior High in 1937.

“I knew all those players on that team,” Goode said.

He remembered the Lobos’ two all-state players.

“Dick Miller and Chal Daniels. Daniels was all-American at the University of Texas, and they were both killed in World War II,” Goode recalled.

Goode knew them, but didn’t see that state game against Wichita Falls.

“We were too poor to go to the game,” Goode laughed.

They didn’t use buses back then.

“In those days we went on trains to the games,” Goode revealed.

But Goode and his family used the latest technology to stay informed about the state championship.

“I listened to it on the radio,” Goode revealed.

When the team returned, there was not a parade for the team.

“The town at that time had about three or four thousand people and a thousand of them were down at the station to meet the train when they came back,” Goode relayed.

Goode said his family could afford to show up for that. He also said he played football in 1941, but:

“We weren’t very good, he laughed.

“I guess they used it all up in ’37,” I offered.

“Yeah,” Goode laughed again.

And, speaking as a guy who was around for both state championships, he says of the 2018 Lobos:

“That’s probably the best team we ever had.”

Bernie’s hoping he’ll be around for the next “best team they ever had”.

Goode says he felt honored that he was able to attend the 2018 Championship. He heard there were 48,000 people at the stadium. He added that there weren’t even 48,000 people in Gregg County back in 1937.

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