Students train on real world manufacturing equipment

Students train on real world manufacturing equipment

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - For about 15 years Jamie Hoch has been Komatsu Machine Shop Supervisor. He knows a thing or two about setting up industrial grade equipment.

“This is going to be an outstanding program for these young kids. Going forward these kids are going to have the talent to proceed into manufacturing, whether it be Komatsu or other industry partners,” Hoch said.

The East Texas Advanced Manufacturing Academy now houses 16 brand new training stations with all the latest. Pine Tree senior Ori Persons will learn more than just equipment usage and safety.

“I’m trying to be a mechanical engineer, and I was told by some of the people at Komatsu that would come down to our school, and they would be like, for your engineering you’re going to have to know how everything works so, therefore, you can design it more precisely,” Persons stated.

The overachievers might have a shot straight out of high school.

“We can get them into Komatsu or other industry manufacturing centers for internships,” Hoch revealed.

Ori is going on to college but he may still do an internship.

“I’ll be walked around and I’ll also know what to do and what they’re doing so it’ll help out a lot,” Persons stated.

Students will not walk away empty handed.

“Each student will get a toolbox and some machinist tools that will be theirs to keep after they complete the course,” Hoch revealed.

Ori appreciates the head start.

“From here I’ll be learning all the stuff I need to for hopefully, you know my future career, and it’ll take me places,” Persons said.

Whether it’s East Texas or somewhere else out there.

About 20 area manufacturing companies have partnered with the academy. They even contributed funds to purchase the equipment now in place so it didn’t cost taxpayers a dime.

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