Church burglary in Palestine leaves member without special instrument

Church burglary in Palestine leaves member without special instrument

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The Freedom Fellowship Church in Palestine was broken into between Dec. 31 and Jan. 2.

Taken from the church were two televisions, a bass guitar, a tablet, two laptops, and a very special electric guitar.

The guitar belonged to Matthew Ray, who plays guitar for the church.

“It was a red Gibson Les Paul electric guitar that we bought from Brendan Gilman from the local band called Backseat Molly,” said Ray.

Playing guitar is not just a pastime for Ray.

“Playing guitar for me, that’s my escape from everything that I’m going through. Whatever it may be, when I’m down, depressed, sad, playing guitar brings me happiness.”

Danny Sutton, the pastor for the church said he believes about ten thousand dollars worth of goods were taken from the church.

“We were upset. We have blood, sweat, and tears in here. This is where we have prayer time, family time. This is what church is, a family,” said Sutton. “We felt violated, but we don’t want to walk this earth being victims because we’re not victims, we’re victorious.”

The church has replaced the two televisions and one of the laptop computers with the help of some generous donations.

“We had a neighboring church take up a special offering for us and donated $725 and another individual who doesn’t even physically attend our church donated $800,” said Sutton. “This is what community is all about – coming together when people are in need and when there is crisis, being one big happy family.”

While both Ray and Sutton have said they have prayed for the intruders, they both are hoping Ray’s guitar turns up somewhere.

“To whoever took it, I just want it back,” said Ray. “I don’t care how you bring it back, I just want my guitar back… that’s all I want.”

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