Investigators looking into cause of salon fire

Investigators looking into cause of salon fire
Investigators looking into cause of salon fire (Source: KLTV)


Investigators Looking Into Cause of Salon Fire

Investigators are looking at an electrical problem as the potential cause of a fire that ripped through an East Texas business.

Around 8:45 Wednesday night, Longview firefighters were called to the 'B-Hive Salon' on Jefferson street.

Fire crews arrived and found heavy fire and smoke belching from the salon. Engines and manpower quickly converged as the business was close to residential homes.

"Structure fire response in Longview with get 3 fire engines 2 ladder trucks ambulance and support vehicles with a commercial structure fire we add engine crews to it, approximately 24 people on the fire. We try to protect the expose to protect adjacent buildings whether homes or commercial structures," says Longview fire marshal Kevin May.

The older frame structure, a particular risk for fire, and danger.

"Some of these older structures, the way they were built, can cause them to collapse sooner," May says.

In a chilly rain dozens of firefighters turned out to try to save the building. The fire had moved into the attic area.

Fire attack was executed to douse the blaze and extensive overhaul was done to remove equipment and supplies.

Some very expensive equipment lost inside.

"We tried to save as much of that as possible," says the fire marshal.

Investigators say an electrical outlet that was providing power to a refrigerator was likely what started the fire, which spread into the attic.

The business was unoccupied at the time of the fire and there were no reported injuries.

May says the damage to the structure is estimated at 50-thousand dollars. Almost the total value of the building.

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