Sleepless at AT&T, Cowboys and Seahawks

Cowboys Host Seahawks Sunday

DALLAS, TX (KLTV) - When Dallas played the Seattle Seahawks in week three of the season, they’d lose 24-13, and would have a very shaky 3-5 start. Cowboys would trade for Oakalnd’s Amari Cooper, a talented WR gaining no traction under new coach Jon Gruden. Key wins on the road, and the flourishing of Cooper landed Dallas atop the NFC East for the third time in five seasons. Dak Prescott has been tough under fire of criticism, and has made plays that have kept Dallas in games.

Colts would shutout the Cowboys, first shutout for Dallas in decades, then they’d roar back with two strong wins against the Bucs and Giants. The biggest win many would say came against the Saints---yep the top seed in the NFC. Cowboys defense though ranked low has played smash mouth ball, that component along with the balance of a passing and rushing game with the league’s top runner Seattle could be sleepless.

Dak Prescott said, “Livin in the moment, don’t know what happened last year, don’t care what happened last year. Right now its about making the most of this opportunity and that’s just being the best that I can and make sure the team is the best they can each and everyday. And give ourselves the best opportunity come Saturday. Yeah they’re different, obvioulsy they’ve been playing better they’re playing a lot better but so are we...Some things have changed, but for the most part, they stuck to who they are, and i said before we look forward this one. I like our match up.”

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