Overton street in desperate need of repair, residents say

Overton Street in Desperate Need of Repair, Residents Say

OVERTON, TX (KLTV) - Some East Texas residents are in desperate need of their road being repaired, but with no immediate relief in sight.

An old stretch of South Front Street in Overton is showing the signs of weather and wear. Potholes.

And it's become worse over the past two years.

"It's terrible, it's going to mess up our cars the ruts are so deep. Even going slow it's rough," says longtime Front street resident Willie Ross.

Along a mile section, poor drainage causes the road to flood during rain. Farther down erosion has eaten away at the shoulders.

"There's water running under it, the road is falling in," Willie says.

Huge ruts and potholes make the roadway, hard to navigate for some residents in either direction.

"You ease in there and ease out, ease in and ease out, the holes in the road are everywhere," says Tessie Ross.

The residents have brought it up to the city of Overton several times.

"They said they were working on other projects right now and as soon as they fixed them they would start working on the roads," says Willie.

But repairs have to be done by two counties. The road straddles Smith and Rusk counties, and there's no funding from the city for repairs.

"You have to go really slow and even then you're scared you're going to mess up something on you're car," Willie says.

Overton city officials say they have been notified that a volunteer group called ‘Operation Pothole’ is planning on repairing Front street when there is no rain in the forecast.

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