Police warn of deceptive phone callers

Police warn of deceptive phone callers

HUGHES SPRINGS, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas police force is warning the public once again not to fall for a caller disguised as someone from the police department.

The deception is taking place in Cass County.

Hughes Springs police chief Randy Kennedy says there is a suspect or suspects targeting his area where the caller identifies themself as a Hughes Springs police officer.

"They do intimidate you, they scare you, they try to get you to comply through coercion," the chief says.

The fake officer informs the potential victim that there is a criminal charge against them, then makes a threat.

"They say unless they pay a fine amount, several thousands of dollars, that a warrant will be issued for their arrest and we will be out to arrest them," Kennedy says.

The call number even shows to be a Hughes spring P-D number.

"These scammers have spoofed our police number, and when it comes across your caller I-D it shows the Hughes Springs police department," Randy says.

Unfortunately, the ruse has worked on at least one person, at a heavy cost to the victim.

“The young man was afraid that he had an outstanding ticket, afraid that he was going to be arrested so he went and purchased 3-thousand dollars worth of these cards, And of course the money went out of the country. So he’s out 3-thousand dollars,” the chief says.

Kennedy has one final reminder.

"We don't call you and demand that you send us money," he says.

Kennedy says if you should get a call like this, you should hang up and call the agency that the people are claiming to represent.

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