3 injured in two separate pedestrian accidents

3 injured in two separate pedestrian accidents

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Two pedestrian accidents in two East Texas cities on the same evening, have safety officials saying people should be watchful as the sun goes down.

Two men were injured in a Longview accident, and one person injured in a Kilgore accident, both happening after 6 pm on Friday.

Longview police responded at Mccann street and Meadowbrook for two pedestrians that had been hit by a truck.

Less than an hour earlier in Kilgore, another person hit at highway 259 and the North Street intersection.

"If you're the individual crossing the road we certainly recommend that you do so legally. Just be real safety conscious and aware that people may not see you," says Longview fire captain Cory Clanton.

With short winter days, the twilight hour will be between 5 and 6 every night. Which could be hazardous for any pedestrians trying to cross a roadway.

As the light dims, visibility decreases, and that may have contributed to both accidents.

"Low light conditions once that sun gets down, but during that time that it's going down it can be in your face gives you a lot of difficulty seeing people crossing the road," Clanton says.

Witnesses say the Longview victims had just come from shopping and were crossing an area with no crosswalk.

"Cross in protected areas. Even though you're in a protected crosswalk, the folks may not see you," says Cory.

The Kilgore accident was in a protected crosswalk area.

The names and conditions of the pedestrians that were injured have not been released at this time.

Police say the pedestrians in the Longview accident were at fault in that accident.

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