Better East Texas: Vaping leading to rise in tobacco dependence, doctors say

The Food and Drug Administration proposed tougher regulations on flavored e-cigarette products...
The Food and Drug Administration proposed tougher regulations on flavored e-cigarette products after dramatic rise in use among teenagers.(Source: KPIX/KQDS/KARE/CNN)
Updated: Dec. 27, 2018 at 10:55 PM CST
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Recently the results of a study were released that showed an alarming increase in the number of young people vaping or using e-cigarettes. Nearly one in five high school Seniors have used e-cigs in the past month. Additionally, the study reported that in just one year, the percent of students using e-cigs or vaping increased by eighty-seven percent.

So it was a startling increase in the practice, but almost as concerning are the comments by many who were surveyed that they vaped only for the flavoring and not the nicotine. Now some vaping juice – as it is called – has little to no nicotine, but most of the juices available have a load of nicotine, some even more than the traditional combustible cigarettes.

A majority – 66 percent - of teen vapers say the only thing in their e-cigs is flavoring while fourteen percent say they don’t know. So these teens are unknowingly getting a larger dose of nicotine each time they vape.

Medical experts agree that this not a good thing and will lead to an increase in tobacco dependence in this group over their lifetimes. Ultimately, this rise in use cannot be ignored.

It is illegal in Texas to sell these devices and juices to anyone under eighteen, so law enforcement needs to increase if these percentages are even half right. And next, parents need to be informed on the dangerous effects the chemicals in these products can have. It may be the trendy thing to do for our teens to partake in vaping, but it is dangerous with lasting impact that cannot be reversed.

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