BET: Facebook data sharing

Better East Texas: Facebook data sharing

TYLER, TX (KLTV) -This is the time of year for sharing, but recently, we learned that Facebook has been sharing a little too freely. Facebook has confirmed they have not sold your personal data, but they have shared it with other big players. As a result, Facebook grew and was able to gain revenue from additional advertising impact.

The shared data allowed around 150, including Amazon and Microsoft, to gain access to what most of us would consider private information. And, in some cases, your data was shared even if you disabled the sharing function in your Facebook settings. So, this is a violation of privacy, even though, as Facebook users, we put a lot of what used to be private information on line for at least our friends and family to see.

But this obviously goes beyond what is acceptable and Facebook has, once again, lost the confidence in pledging to protect your privacy. Keep in mind, that in the Facebook world, you are the product and everything about you is worth something to companies wanted to reach you with ad messages.

Perhaps this is a warning, as well, that we need not put all of our life on-line or at least not all of it displayed for even a small group on Facebook. If the data is out there, it can also be stolen so use a little discretion in the new year and manage your own security on Facebook and other sites – it may maintain just a bit of privacy and in the world of social media that is a fleeting condition.

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