Lobos merchandise selling quickly as fans rush to collect memorabilia marking state title win

Lobos Merchandise Selling Quickly

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - The celebration of one East Texas team’s state football title is now a rush to collect memorabilia.

Outside the Longview High School Athletic Complex, t-shirts , towels and ball caps were on sale commemorating the Longview Lobos' historic state tile win on Saturday.

Fans are grabbing up the items almost as quickly as they are printed out.

Sabali Graphics is one of the groups printing out the commemorative items, and owners say a nonstop stream of fans have been seeking the keepsakes.

“We had a crowd come through this morning, lots of people wanting the championship shirts,” said Amber Thomas, with Sabali Graphics. “They really like the design. They want something to take home to remember it by and they’re just really proud of the boys.”

Other vendors are also selling commemorative items.

The entire town has thrown their support behind the team.

Andy Mack, the mayor of Longview, has indicated that a parade for the state title champions is planned after the holidays.

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