'I want to live’: Victim in fiery Kaufman County wreck recalls crash, rescue

Deputy body cam footage of Kaufman County rescue is released

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas man is finally home from intensive care after being trapped in a burning vehicle.

He says he shouldn’t have made it, but he did.

“My foot is burning. Is the dash holding your leg in? Yes, help,” body cam video shows rescuers asking.

It was a horrifying scene as a Kaufman County deputy and several concerned citizens desperately tried to pull a man out of a burning truck.

Michael Pierce was pinned underneath the dash, inhaling toxic smoke.

“My shoes were already burned off of me,” he said.

Pierce experienced a 60 mph impact into an 18-wheeler.

“I looked up and bam,” Pierce says, recalling the accident that he says should have killed him.

In that moment, he says all he could think about was asking God to save him for his children’s sake.

“Forgive me for anything I have ever done wrong. Forgive me, please help me. I want to live, I have babies. I want to live,” he recalls thinking.

Pierce credits God but has the utmost respect for the men and women who immediately came to his aid. He says the Kaufman County deputy who assisted in the rescue visited Pierce in the hospital in Dallas after surgery.

He says he wants to thank everyone who helped him.

“It was so peaceful. I wasn’t in any pain. It was amazing,” he says.

Pierce suffered several shattered bones and severe third degree burns on his foot. Injuries he believes are a miracle compared to what could have happened.

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