Better East Texas: Celebrities and conspiracies

BET: Celebs and conspiracy theories

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The world is full of conspiracy theories that, for the most part, are harmless. Things like the Apollo moon landings, the JFK assassination, the 911 attacks, all have substantial data suggesting that reality is not what we have been told.

Occasionally, celebrities pick up one of the conspiracy theories and make it their own through social media posts and live interviews. Kylie Jenner has noted that contrails from airplanes are actually some kind of chemical spray. Basketball player Kyrie Irving has suggested the earth is really flat. Another NBA star, Stephen Curry, has stated that he doesn’t believe we went to the moon in the 1960s.

Most of the time, we shrug off celebrity opinions on matters like these or even political points of view, but these conspiracy theorists can be destructive, even if they, themselves, are more or less playing along just to be different or stand out of a crowd. When you marry a spokesperson for one of the theories – a.k.a. celeb or sports star, to the internet, where you can find ample content from other conspiracy sources, you get something that is influential – ultimately selling people lies.

And even when the celeb source comes around and finally admits their error, the damage may be done. You might say these are harmless instances but they erode the fabric of our society when people start doubting the truth – that these things really happened. So, celebrities and sports stars, listen up, and resist commenting on conspiracy theories and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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