Better East Texas: Baby, it’s inappropriate outside?

BET: Baby, it's inappropriate outside?

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A classic song from the 1940s is under attack and the result is some radio stations banning the song from the airwaves.

The song is Baby, It’s Cold Outside, originally written in 1944 and contained in the 1949 move, Neptune’s Daughter. The song was composed by song writer Frank Loesser, who performed it along with his wife. The original intent was to signal to party guests that it was time to leave and it became a requested performance by the couple for years.

Since then, it has been tossed into the bucket of traditional holiday songs. But now it is under attack because of the suggestive lyrics that some critics say are degrading to women and promote a date rape theme. If you were to identify a song in 2018 that objectifies women, degrades them and is offensive, then I would think this would be the last song on that long list. I am not sure how anyone could criticize this song and accept some of the songs from some of the biggest current artists in pop culture where the degradation of women is common place and trashy lyrics rain down in truly vulgar arrangements.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside was written innocently and should be preserved as a classic. We absolutely need to protect victims from any influence that could magnify or create a hostile environment, but it just doesn’t make sense to go after a song like this and ignore other media, music and pop culture influences. Keep the song and enjoy it, innocently, and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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