Longview officer has extra interest in Lobos title game

Longview Police Officer Has Extra Interest In Lobos Title Game

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Johnny Lyons has been on the Longview police force for 27 years, and for 26 years he’s provided security for the Lobos football team.

Saturday afternoon when Longview plays Beaumont West Brook he’ll be in a win win situation.

You see, he graduated from West Brook in 1983, when the Bruins last won a state football championship. So for him if his Alma mater wins, great.

If not he’s riding back home with the champs. Lyons talked of how when the ’83 team was winning it brought the community together, and it was also the first year of integration.

“It was the first year of integration, Forest Park and Herbert, real division in the community and when the team started winning you could see the whole community coming together. So that team changed the whole complex of the community in Beaumont, Texas. So, a pretty historic event.”

Many years later, that journey for Lyons has come of full circle.

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