Smith County Sheriff’s Office, Tyler police discuss recent shootings, arrest of suspect

VIDEO: Smith County Sheriff's Office, Tyler police host press conference on recent shootings
Smith County Sheriff’s Office, Tyler police discuss recent shootings, arrest of suspect

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Tyler Police Department and the Smith County Sheriff’s Office will hold a joint press conference this afternoon to discuss the recent shootings that have occurred in Smith County.

Smith County Sheriff’s Office, Tyler police Discuss Recent Shootings, Arrest of Suspect

Tyler Police Department has identified the latest shooting victim, who remains in critical condition in the hospital, as Bradley Brockman, 45. Brockman was shot on Sunday, Dec. 16, 2018, at Westwood Shopping Center located at S SW Loop 323 and Chandler Highway.

Tyler Police and the Smith County Sheriff’s Office said they have arrested a man they believe may be responsible for five shootings in ten days.

25-year-old Kristian Perdomo is in the Smith County jail, charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The shootings started ten days ago and have been spread across Tyler, with two out in the county. Four of those shootings have been fatal.

Now law enforcement believes Perdomo could be linked to the string of homicides.

“I believe we’ve got the right person in custody and we do have that high level of confidence, but we don’t want to misspeak until we let the evidence speak for itself," Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith said.

Law enforcement believes these shootings are drug related. In fact, police have made more than a dozen arrests since the first shooting. Those arrests include low level narcotics dealers up to significant dealers in the community.

“It has caused some collaborative damage to the narcotics industry here and we caught a lot of people that were involved in narcotics trafficking that we don’t believe at this time are involved in the homicide," Sheriff Smith said.

Police said depending on what the forensic analysis shows they do anticipate additional charges against Perdomo.


-The Tyler Police Department and the Smith County Sheriff’s Office believe the shootings are related.

-Investigating Kristian Perdomo, 25 for recent shootings that have occurred

-Perdomo is currently in the Smith County Jail being held on a $1 million bond.

-We have "a high level of confidence that we have the shooter in custody,”according to Larry Smith, Smith County Sheriff’s Office

-This continues to be an ongoing investigation


The press conference is set for 3 p.m. at the Tyler Police Department.

Law enforcement are expected to discuss five recent shootings the agencies are investigating, as well as the the arrest of Kristian Perdomo in Sunday’s shooting at the Westwood Shopping Center in Tyler.

The Smith County Sheriff’s Office is investigating two homicides: the shooting death of 33-year-old Jhoel Hidalgo Sevilla on Dec. 9 and of 49-year-old Jerome Jones, who was found deceased on the side of Old Gladewater Highway on Dec. 15.

Tyler police are investigating the death of 32-year-old Marion Guzman, who was found in dead in the doorway of his North Summitt Ave home on Dec. 7 and the shooting death of 65-year-old Bennie Ray Jackson on Dec. 10 at his residence at the intersection of W Barrett and N Gaston in Tyler.

Sheriff Larry Smith and Tyler Police Department have each said there are similarities between all four homicides.

“Everybody seems to be involved, to some extent, with drugs in their past,” Smith said.


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KLTV’s Cinnamon Cornell is at the press conference and will be providing live updates:

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