Signing Santa takes kids' wish lists at Longview elementary school

The Signing Santa takes kid’s wish lists at Longview elementary school

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Some kids need a little extra communication when it comes to talking to Santa. Children who have hearing loss may have a hard time expressing what they want for Christmas. And Longview Independent School District and the Kilgore Police Department teamed up to make sure Santa got the message.

Deaf-Ed teacher Whitney Reardon at Johnston McQueen Elementary School thinks her students should be able to clearly tell Santa just what they want for Christmas.

“This is the magic right here. Our kids do not get to do this. This is a new experience for them. Last year was the first time we did it. And last year was the first time a lot of them could communicate with Santa,” Reardon said.

That’s because Santa now knows the sign and understood very clearly what they wanted, like fourth-grader Hunter, who wrote Santa a letter.

Signing Santa takes kids' wish lists at Longview elementary school

“I want a toothbrush and toothpaste,” Hunter read.

He asked for several practical things and the important thing:

“I want a remote car,” Hunter read.

And he got it thanks to a fundraiser by some elves over at the Kilgore Police Department.

“A lot of them, this was their big gift that they got. They got a lot of big presents, and it was a nice gift and we’re very, very thankful,” Reardon revealed.

Chris McCawley’s son Liam is in the pre-program for three-year-olds. Chris thinks this visit is pretty special.

“For them to get to sit with Santa, and for them to get to communicate with him in a way that makes sense to them, I mean it’s just more than you could ever hope for, for your kids, you know?” Chris said.

And Hunter already had plans for his box of gifts.

“I’m going to put it under my Christmas Tree,” Hunter said.

There were a lot of smiles on that stage in the cafeteria, and I have a feeling Hunter may put the wrapped box under the tree, but it just may be empty.

LISD says the program has grown quite a bit in just a year and it helps kids who suffer from varying levels of hearing loss to feel just like all the other kids.

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