East Texas woman decorates with 30 Christmas trees

East Texas woman decorates with 30 Christmas trees

HALLSVILLE, TX (KLTV) - The holiday season is festive with decorative lights, and of course trees, but an East Texas woman has taken the holiday spirit to a new level.

A Hallsville woman has turned Christmas tree decoration into a labor of love.

On the outside, Paula Reaves' Hallsville home is a normal holiday decorated residence, but when you step in, you see she has more than enough Christmas spirit.

"I love Christmas. It's a lot of work and everybody says oh I wouldn't want to be putting all that away," she says.

She started decorating after Thanksgiving.

30 Christmas trees. Living room, kitchen, even in the bathrooms.

“Around 30, and if you count the smaller ones it’s more than that,” Paula says.

Each tree with a different theme. And there's a reason for so many.

"I have a lot of friends that I go to church with and play cards with, and they don't do trees anymore because they say it's too much bother or nobody comes to see them anyway. So I decided I would decorate more trees for them. So I started decorating trees and adding trees and adding trees," Reaves says.

One tree is dedicated to her great-grandchildren.

All 18 of them.

A pink theme tree is dedicated to a cause. Cancer.

"Cancer has been a big thing in my family and with my friends and so I decided I needed a cancer room in honor of those who've passed away," she says.

She hopes to spread the joy of the season to everyone she decorates a tree for.

"No matter how bad your situation is you can always look around and see that somebody else is far worse off. So be glad for what God has given you," says Paula.

Reaves is holding a party at her home for family and friends that she has decorated trees for.

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