Tyler police make arrest one block from homicide scene

Police not calling the person a suspect in the murder cases

Tyler Police Make Arrest One Block From Homicide Scene

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A KLTV 7 investigation has uncovered new details about why Tyler police were back out near the scene of a fatal shooting that happened late last week. 32-year-old Mario Guzman was found dead from an apparent gunshot in the doorway of his home on North Summit Avenue on Friday.

New documents obtained by KLTV reveal a man was arrested by Tyler police while they were investigating this case. It’s important to make it very clear that police said this person is not a suspect and was arrested on unrelated charges of unlawful possession of a firearm.

Property records led KLTV to an arrest warrant where we discovered that police were attempting to contact a person of interest who was believed to have lived at a home a few houses down from the scene of the homicide. Now, during the investigation at this residence, a search warrant for narcotics and weapons was obtained by police.

We are not naming who was arrested at this time, because police said this person is not a suspect in the homicide. There have been no charges related to the homicide at this time but he has been listed as a person of interest in the arrest warrant.

Yesterday Tyler police said they do believe this homicide is drug-related and has similarities to Monday’s shooting of 65-year old Bennie Jackson on Barrett Street. Both cases remain under investigation.

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