It’s the end of the line for the caboose, but you can buy one in Upshur County

Full Sized Train Caboose For Sale in Upshur County


You just don’t see them much anymore, but if you want to look at one every day, or even live in it, well you can buy one.

We’re talking about a caboose. Yep, a real live full sized train caboose.

And if you buy it the owner will even throw in the tracks.

It used to end every train, but one ended up in Ralph Warren’s yard.

“I didn’t really like the idea of a trailer house so I just thought the caboose might be an interesting thing,” Warren said.

Well, it caught my eye, especially with the for sale sign.

“I don’t need it anymore. I’ll just sell it,” Warren stated.

He’s had interest but they always ask the same thing:

“What do you think it’ll cost to move it?” Warren parroted.

And he always replies with the same thing:

“To where?” he laughed.

Some ask if they can just move in:

“And live right there. No, that’s not a condition,” Warren said.

He bought it because he thought it was:

“Suitable for my farm help anyway,” Warren said.

It’s not just an empty shell. It has a bathroom and:

“Central heat and air, kitchen,” Warren revealed.

His father-in law, who had a Christmas tree farm, passed away, and the caboose is where the help stayed.

“Since he’s gone and I don’t have the Christmas trees anymore,” Warren started.

He put it up for sale. Eight years ago.

“It’s still for sale,” Warren clarified.

“It’s almost bullet proof,” I offered.

“Yeah, small arms anyway,” he laughed.

He says the inside may need a remodel.

He dropped the price from $30,000 to:

“Twenty-five you know,” Warren revealed.

Everything works, even after the tornado many years ago.

“That tornado that came through here, took the top off of this tree and laid both of those trees down, and didn’t move that caboose though,” Warren said.

Maybe another reason he didn’t go with that mobile home purchase, although it kind of is a mobile home.

Warren says he purchased the caboose and the company he bought it from trucked it in and put in place with a crane, after he and his help built the tracks of course. He says he put out a want ad and found the caboose in Ore City on some old tracks.

The caboose originally belonged to the Texas Mexican Railway Company.

He says the price does not include moving it. Ralph Warren runs the Loc Doc in Longview. If you’re interested in the caboose call him there at 903-759-1288.

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