Ranking list: Vote for your favorite Christmas songs!

Ranking list: Vote for your favorite Christmas songs!
Everyone has a favorite Christmas song they listen to first around this time of year. Help us sort out everyone's favorites and least favorites! (Source: Producer Jeff Wright)

(KLTV) - Who hasn’t burst into a little “Sleigh Ride” this holiday season? Tried to sing note for note with Mariah Carey in “All I Want for Christmas is You?” Took a moment to appreciate the sultry voice of Nat King Cole in “The Christmas Song”?

Odds are, you’ve got your favorite holiday go-to you listen to first when Christmas arrives every year. We’ve listed just about every Christmas song we could think of below -- now your job is to help us rank them from best to least favorite!

Use the upvote or downvote arrows beside each song title to vote said song either up or down the list. You may see some versions of a song twice; that’s because the songs are distinct enough to warrant their own version on the list! (The Carpenters and The Ronettes have very different versions of “Sleigh Ride.")

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