The Necklace: What once was lost has now been found

East Texas Husband Gets Stolen Necklace Returned

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Last week we shared the story of Riley Lawrence, a husband who was hoping for a miracle.

This week, we’re able to share the story of that miracle.

Lawrence’s home was broken into in May and his wife’s necklace was stolen; he’s been looking for it ever since. This necklace contained jewels that have been in his wife’s family for generations.

Here’s that story.

Husband asks for return of wife's special necklace

He wasn’t asking for anything else back – the watch or other things taken – just the necklace. He was offering a $2000 reward.

On Monday, he got the necklace back ... and more. A Longview citizen had unknowingly purchased the necklace and watch from the man who stole them. When he heard the Lawrence family was looking for them, he was more than happy to give them back.

“I don’t want anything that doesn’t belong to me,” said Chuck Roberts. “I just want what I paid for them.”

Roberts only accepted $500 of the reward money to break even on what he had paid for the jewelry.

The Necklace: What once was lost has now been found

“Everyone came through. Whoever shared it, whoever saw it… the gentleman that returned it. Thank you,” said Lawrence. “Thank you so much. It means the world, it really does.”

While Lawrence said Christmas is usually a tough time for his wife due to the anniversary of her grandmother’s death, this year, it might be a little better.

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