PTSD veteran claims unfair job termination

PTSD veteran claims unfair job termination


An East Texas woman, an army veteran who suffers PTSD, continues to struggle in a battle against what she says was an unfair termination from the company she worked for.

The controversy swirls around whether she was able to bring her service dog to work with her.

Jennifer Mcatee Willis of Henderson has been out of work for a month now.

In November after Willis had come back from her honeymoon, and informed her employer where she had worked for 3 years that she would start bringing her service dog 'Ace' to work with her. But that's when she says the trouble started.

"It's disturbed me in a lot of ways, the stress has gotten worse and I have nightmares almost every night," she says.

In a strange sequence, Jennifer was first notified by the company she worked for that if she brought 'Ace' to work with her, she would be terminated. After our initial story aired, she was notified she was still and employee.

"They told me I was still employed after I had voluntarily resigned. But they wanted access to my medical records," Willis says.

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, employers must negotiate reasonable accommodation provided that the dog qualifies as a service animal.

"They had asked for proof that Ace was a service dog which we provided and provided again. Then I got an email saying I was terminated. No explanation," Jennifer says.

Joe Burke of Longview is an army 'Desert Storm' veteran, and also has a service dog.

"I don't understand it. It doesn't seem logical or fair. I'm sure there's different things you can do to make a dog be able to be in the environment. It's not fair to Jennifer," he says.

Financially strapped now, Willis is pleading her case hoping she can get legal representation.

“It’s not over. They need to know what they did is wrong,” she says.

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