Cancelling a parade is time consuming

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - The forecast of rain in East Texas has postponed several Christmas Parades, like the one Thursday Evening in Longview. The City posted about the cancellation, but they had to make sure the floats didn’t float into downtown.

Decedric Williams with the Longview Convention and Visitors Bureau had to make a few calls.

“Because of the inclement weather the Christmas parade will be postponed,” Williams said on the phone.

All morning.

“Postponed until Tuesday,” Williams said.

Like a hundred times.

“The Christmas parade has been postponed,” Williams relayed.


Media Development Administrator Shawn Hara says it’s always a risk.

“Whenever you have an outdoor event you’ve always got the possibility you’re going to have bad weather. The forecast looks like it’s not going to be very good. There’s still that the time could come for the parade tonight and it will be dry and people will say why’d you cancel it. Because it said eighty percent chance of rain,” Hara said.

But entrants should already be aware of a rainy day.

“When we do the signups for the event we let everybody know, hey the plan is to do it on Thursday, but the weather doesn’t always cooperate,” Hara relayed.

The calls continued, including to Adi DiShion with Avalon Faire near Kilgore.

The Parade was canceled but it’s not too much of a problem Adi.

“No because we have the shop we can keep it in,” Adi said.

And though it’s a boat, it may not float.

“Yeah it might leak. It’s not a solid bottom,” Adi laughed.

It took two months to build, all hands on deck. Of course the next one will make it five parades.

“We hope everybody can still show up; bring out their floats, bring out their marching bands, we’ll have a lot of fun,” Hara added.

As Decedric finishes up his calls, Shawn Hara says the ship, mast and all, will sail next week.

The Longview Ambucs Parade will take place Tuesday, December 11 at 6:30, and it looks like pretty much all the entrants will be there.

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