Smith County Sheriffs Office participates in ‘No Shave November’ for sick officer

Smith County Sheriffs Office participates in ‘No Shave November’ for sick officer

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Smith County law enforcement have been looking pretty hairy lately, but the Sheriff says he assures the public it’s for the best reason.

“If you find some scraggly looking deputies with a uniform on, I assure you they are indeed deputies,” Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith says.

Sheriff Smith is a traditional kind of guy when it comes to rules set for his employees, but he says this time, he could make an exception.

“The deputies can grow their beard for one month,” Sheriff Smith says. 56 patrol officers paying $25.00 each adds up to a pretty substantial amount for a really good cause.

And this year the money raised will go to Tyler police officer Clint Gardner, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor, just at the base of his skull.

“Even though we work at different entities, we can still come together on a lot of things and raising money for Clint gardener was just one of those things,” Smith County Deputy Justin Eakin says. Over $1,000 has been raised for the 24-year veteran.

“The money comes from the deputies that choose to grow out their facial hair during the month of November from patrol and the criminal investigation unit,” Sheriff Smith says.

‘No Shave November’ is a past time for anyone wanting to raise money and awareness for the American Cancer Society. And Sheriff Smith says with this month’s success, he is thinking about continuing their efforts into the month of December.

Tyler police public information officer Don Martin says officer Clint Gardner underwent surgery last month and will continue to be off duty until he is fully recovered.

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