Fraudulent ATM transactions made at Hallsville bank, police searching for suspect

Fraudulent ATM transactions made at Hallsville bank, police searching for suspect
The Hallsville police are searching for a man they believe made fraudulent ATM transactions. (Source: Hallsville Police)

HALLSVILLE, TX (KLTV) - Police are searching for a man they believe to connected to fraudulent transactions made at an ATM in Hallsville.

According the Hallsville Police Department, they are searching for a man who they believe to have made fraudulent ATM transactions at Guaranty Bank & Trust. They reported the incident occurred on Nov. 24.

“We’ve had two instances where we’ve had individuals go through an ATM drive-thru and made multiple withdraws from customer accounts,” said David Burrows, investigator with Hallsville Police.

Hallsville police believe these transactions may be connected to similar incidents that occurred earlier this month. In those incidents, a suspect reportedly used stolen debit cards to make cash withdrawals. While police confirm it is different man in a different vehicle who allegedly made the recent fraudulent transaction, they believe he is part of the same group as the previous suspect.

“Using the pin number, obviously, we believe the information was obtained through a skimmer or skimmers, and used that information to clone the cards because the customers were still in possession of the cards,” Burrows added.

After speaking with many of the victims, Burrows said it appears as though the common denominator was a gas station in the Shreveport area that they all recently visited. So far though, Burrows said investigators did not find any evidence of skimming devices.

Hallsville police are now working with Shreveport, Texarkana, Longview, and Tyler police departments in the investigation, as well as the Secret Service.


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