Community on edge after Bullard man beaten, killed in his home

Remembering Roy Bowins

BULLARD, TX (KLTV) - East Texans are remembering 77-year-old Roy Bowins, who was beaten and killed in his home late last week.

“It was scary that it was somebody so close and that you know it was somebody nearby," said Melinda Still, Bowins' neighbor.

Still said she would see Bowins' and his wife pretty regularly.

“I would see Mr. Bowins and his wife actually walk up and down the road for exercise I’m sure,” Still said.

While Still didn’t know the couple well, she said they were kind and always together.

“I would also see him and his wife in the grocery store or in the Dollar Store, something like that," she said.

Family members said Bowins was married to his wife for over 15 years. He loved to golf, read his Bible, and was a stickler for a clean yard.

Still said Bowins' death has left the community a bit on edge.

“I think we’re just all mindful of our neighbors and looking out more for each other," Still said.

Bowins' stepdaughter describes him as her mother’s companion in life and said she is lost without him.

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