ATM thieves make 7 illegal withdrawals at the same bank

Thousands stolen

ATM thieves make 7 illegal withdrawals at the same bank

HALLSVILLE, TX (KLTV) - The Hallsville Police Department is asking for your help. A bank in the city of Hallsville has been hit by at least two thieves who have made 7 illegal withdrawals at the ATM. And the victims are still in possession of their debit cards.

David Burrows with the Hallsville Police Department has found himself in the middle of a criminal investigation that has reached into four states.

“The victims from Saturday’s were mostly in Shreveport. We did have one from Marshall,” Burrows said.

The same bank, Guarantee in Hallsville, has now been hit seven times; Five on Saturday, and twice earlier in November.

“Previous was a customer out of Michigan, and he’s never been into southern states other than Georgia,” Burrows stated.

Burrows released several ATM pictures of the suspects.

He has also spoken with Texarkana, Arkansas Police who believe they’ve had ATM thefts perpetrated by the same group. But the Shreveport victims had something in common.

“The common denominator there was a gas station in Shreveport, although we haven’t been able to locate a skimmer there,” Burrows revealed.

But Burrows thinks a skimmer was used to clone the debit cards so the victims still had their cards. Several cards were used during one stop at the ATM.

Burrows said anywhere between 300 to 700 dollars was taken per account. So far Burrows has involved Shreveport, Texarkana, Arkansas, Longview PD, Tyler PD, and Secret Service.

Burrows has made a lot of phone calls, some of the first to Arkansas.

“I spoke with their investigators and am still comparing information but believe it’s going to be the same group,” Burrows said.

And as for where the perpetrators are located:

“They could be from Houston or a different area. We are still working on that end of it, but hopefully with all of us working together on it we can narrow it down and nail it down pretty quick,” Burrows added.

Burrows says if you run your debit card as credit it may be more secure since a thief using a skimmer to clone cards won’t have your pin number to make a cash withdrawal. Of course, they could still make a purchase with the zip code you enter.

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