Game camera thefts reported to game wardens

Game Camera Thefts Reported


With deer season underway, some East Texas game wardens are running into an unusual problem plaguing some landowners, theft and destruction of game cameras.

Game wardens say they know exactly why it's happening.

Upshur county game warden Nathan Skeen regularly checks game cameras to catch illegal hunters.

But has recently gotten several reports on those game cameras involving trespassers.

"They're doing it the wrong way. They're coming on to your property trespassing. We've been getting several calls here recently about some stolen game cameras," Skeen says.

Why are they going after the cameras?

With deer season comes the recurring problem of hunters getting on properties they are not leasing.

“They’re trying to erase any evidence of them trespassing on that property. Anytime you have someone trespassing, with a firearm, possibility of something bad occurring. Some of them are taking these cameras to destroy any evidence of them being there,” says Nathan.

And there's more. A dangerous new aspect.

"We're seeing damage to feeders, lots of trespassing going on. Feeders being shot up. Bullet holes in feeders game cameras on the ground, S-D cards chewed up," Skeen says.

He says landowners should post no trespassing signs'. And purple paint which means no trespassing, should be put up and down fence-lines.

Skeen says citizens can report trespassing and illegal hunting by contacting ‘operation game thief’, or calling your local sheriff’s or game warden’s office.

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