7-year-old diabetic hopeful for a diabetic alert dog

7-Year Old Frankston Girl Hopeful For Diabetic Alert Dog

FRANKSTON, TX (KLTV) - A 7-year-old Frankston girl has been diagnosed with the rarest form of diabetes and her only wish is to get a service dog.

MODY limits the ability for danis pancreas to produce insulin which could later cause damage to her eyes, kidneys, nerves, and blood vessels.

Each morning, Dani Miller wakes up to a painful prick on her finger and has a day of exhaustion and worry ahead of her.

“My sugar gets low, and then I get sick, what kind of sick, what happens, I get a seizure,” Dani says. “A lot of times, when she’s low, she’ll get really tired and she will want you to hold her,” Danis mom, Lelle Jones says.

Danis mom is a nurse with an extensive military background, but even she gets overwhelmed with the attention and care Dani needs.

“I make sure she comes first, just like chores, or homework and school work, those all come first, just like her and her diabetes,” Maverick says.

Danis 10-year-old big brother Maverick says his first priority is making sure his little sister is okay. Every few hours, he makes her a peanut butter sandwich and they play games. But even Maverick could use a helping hand, or a paw in this case.

The diabetes alert dogs, affectionately known as ‘DADS’ are service animals specifically trained to assist diabetics. “When we have this diabetic alert dog, I won’t have to worry at night or get woke up,” Maverick says. The only problem is, a ‘DAD’ can cost up to $35,000.

“It’s hard to have to wait 10 years for your child to be able to get a dog that they need,” Jones says. And without insurance, the Millers are hoping to raise enough money to welcome the new addition to the family.

The diabetes alert dogs are able to wake a child up after a seizure. They can smell a person’s insulin levels and alert their owner if there is an imbalance.

And on Saturday, the Miller family will be hosting a ‘Bark-a-que’ this Saturday at First Christian Church in Jacksonville to help raise money for Dani’s dog.

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