Heinz 57 offers Mahomes ketchup for life, only if he throws 57 TD passes

Patrick Mahomes on Ketchup

LOS ANGELES, TX (KLTV) - Chiefs QB and Whitehouse native Patrick Mahomes leads the Chiefs in a showdown of a pair of 9-1 teams on Monday Night.

This game was to be played in Mexico but field conditions were not safe for the players.

It was a Ram’s home game and now it really is since the game has been moved to Los Angeles.

But for now, the talk is how Mahomes loves ketchup on mostly everything he eats, even steak.

“I don’t think it’s that weird, but I put it on my macaroni and cheese,” said Mahomes. “People seem to think that’s a weird thing, some people think that’s disgusting, it’s good to me.”

Heinz 57 heard about this and offered him ketchup for life if he throws 57 touchdown passes. He says if that happens he’ll share with his offensive line.

When asked about his favorite ketchup, Mahomes fell back to his East Texas roots.

“My favorite probably is the Whataburger ketchup," said Mahomes. “Texas people would know that.”

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