Family members remember 2 Rusk County children who died in house fire

“They were just very happy, loving kids.”

Family members remember 2 Rusk County children who died in house fire

HENDERSON, TX (KLTV) - Two Rusk County kids who were killed in a house fire will be laid to rest on Wednesday. The children were carried out by first responders and later died at the hospital.

Funeral services for Raelynn Faith Pepper, 4, and Matthew Wayne Pepper, 2, are set for 2 p.m. on Wednesday at the Crawford A. Crim Funeral Home in Henderson. Family members said the kids were very happy and loving.

“When you walked into a room, Raelynn could just light up any room," said great aunt Crystal Vestal. "Everyone was her friend. She never met a stranger.”

Vestal said Raelynn was the type of little girl who would walk up to people and ask, “Do you need a best friend?” The little girl was also a hero to her little brother.

“He worshiped the ground she walked on," Vestal said. "She took care of him. They were best friends from the day he was born.”

They were two inseparable siblings who like any other kids, loved to play in the dirt.

“They loved outside. They loved to play outside in the dirt. Mud puddles," Vestal said. "They loved splashing out in the mud puddles. And animals. Raelynn loved animals.”

And on the day before their funeral service, there was a sign from above - a snow flurry outside the funeral home. It was something that brought back memories of a recent conversation with little Raelynn.

“Raelynn said, ‘I can’t wait for it to snow. I wanna make snow angels and have a snowball fight with my brother.' So I think that’s a little bit of her letting her Momma know, ‘Hey I’m here. I’m safe, I’m happy.’”

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