First responders talk about Rusk County water rescue

Rusk County Family Rescued From Flooded Home

RUSK COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - A Rusk County family was rescued from their flooding home early Monday morning.

It happened in the 9900 block of Highway 259 about eight miles south of Kilgore.

First responders say when the family of four was picked up the water was more than knee deep inside their home.

Much of the water had drained away by noon but at 3:30 am the driveway was a pond with water in the house.

Assistant Chief Patrick Dooley and Training Captain Craig Christian with Rusk County Rescue were on scene.

“Where the house sat off the road you’re probably looking at fifty yards from the roadway so they a good little bit of water running through there, and it was moving at a pretty flow as far as the current goes,” Dooley said.

Kilgore Fire aided as did Crims Chapel Volunteer Fire Department who got pictures of the scene.

“We were up against the distance and the moving water, plus we had a locked gate,” Christian stated.

They couldn’t unlock the gate, so they floated over the fence in a rescue boat since it was still raining, and the water was rising.

“Two of our squad men went in in one of our boats,” Dooley said.

“There was a mother and three children,” Christian recalled.

“Mom was holding the baby. And the two other girls, they were fine. A little wet, but other than that they were fine,” Dooley said.

There was a problem for a rescuer though.

“The boat operator was actually having a little bit of a time making sure that the boat stayed there and didn’t move. He did an awesome job making sure it didn’t go anywhere,” Dooley explained.

“Five or ten minutes in there, actually at the house to get them in the boat; get them secure with life jackets and everything,” Christian said.

“It was a lot easier than I figured it would be,” Dooley said.

This time, even with current from the nearby stream, it was pretty much textbook.

Rusk County Rescue says this is not the first time they’ve performed a water rescue at the house. Last March they did the same thing with several different people. The water was much higher then. No one at the scene was injured.

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