Even though you can vote early, people still vote on Election Day

Even though you can vote early, people still vote on Election Day

Longview, TX (KLTV) - Election Day is a pretty big day for many Americans. In fact, it’s such a big day that they would rather vote on that day.

We asked a few voters if it’s a tradition or procrastination.

In Gregg County, you have to go to a polling place to vote on Election Day. There’s no voting at the courthouse, but you can pick a polling place, any polling place to cast your ballot.

However, there was plenty of time to vote early with absolutely no reason other than you want to.

“Why did you wait until today to vote?” I asked Collier Hicks, of Longview.

“I’ve just been busy, but I definitely wanted to vote. I think every vote counts, and you don’t have any right to complain about the way things are in your community if you don’t get out and vote,” Hicks replied.

“It’s just tradition,” said Teresa Davis, of Longview.

“I just didn’t have time last week,” said Desiree Taylor, of Longview

“That’s pretty cool though actually the first time that you’re voting is actually on Election Day,” I offered.

“Yes it is. It’s interesting. I was really nervous though,” Taylor revealed.

“Really? Why?” I asked her.

“Just not ever doing it before,” Taylor replied.

“It’s just work and about the only time I could do it,” said Tony Perdue, of Longview.

“Well, actually, I always do vote on the actual Election Day, so yeah, we’ll just say it’s like, you know, tradition,” Joie Conner of Gregg County said with a smile.

“Well, I just like to wait for Election Day. I think it’s important it’s part of the process. If you have to do it early, fine, but I think voting on Election Day is great,” said Jeanetta Young, of Longview.

So out of this sampling of six it’s a tie. Looks like there may be a runoff coming.

The polling place at Spring Hill Baptist Church in Longview had a pretty steady stream of voters all day long, but most didn’t have to wait more than 10 minutes or so.

Is it tradition or procrastination, or something else? We asked several Gregg County voters why they voted on Election Day rather that voting early.

“Everyone’s got their own philosophy as to how they want to do it, and I just wanted to make sure the entire family is here today. So I was able to get everybody together, and so we’re here and we’re going to make a difference,” said Chezi Borhan, of Longview.

“I just want my voice to be heard,” said Josh Rollins, of White Oak.

“Because we always go together, me and my husband. I waited for him, and I knew he had to. He’s already worked 14 hours, so I had to drive,” said Kimberly Perdue, of Gregg County.

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