Craft-Turney customers ‘furious’ after water bill comes in the mail today

Craft-Turney Customers Billed For Days Without Water

CHEROKEE COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Craft-Turney customers received a bill in the mail today, charging them for contaminated water. Some had bills that were $15 to $20 more than what they usually pay.

And the folks we talked to said they are angry.

On Oct. 3, Craft-Turney customers were told they were not to use their water in any capacity, some lines were even completely shut off.

The Texas Commission of Environmental Quality began an investigation on the contaminated water and discovered it was contaminated with a fungicide.

The water is clear now, but the future is not for Craft-Turney customers.

“I expected some kind of rebate in my next bill and obviously it is not there,” one customer said.

“Is there going to be any recourse for people that did go through some really hard times with it, so that’s where we are now," said another.

Now its Nov. 1 and sitting in their mailbox is a bill for a whole months’ worth of water use.

“There’s going to be a penalty if you do not pay it on time, and no one is giving us any recourse except to pay the bill,” one customer said.

Most Craft-Turney customers we spoke with say their concern is not with the bill itself, but with the $17 to $20 more they are having to pay than usual.

“I hate that they did charge us probably the full amount specifically because we did have to use extra water to flush out whatever was already sitting in there,” Craft-Turney customer Courtney Williams said.

The customers we spoke with say they expected to be charged something, but the bill clearly states they are paying for 30 days’ worth of water use.

When customers were told to flush the lines after the contamination, they never imagined they would be billed extra for it.

“We’re expecting, if they intended to do a rebate, we’ll expect something later on,” one customer said.

One woman we spoke with said, her water bill is higher than normal. She said it is usually $47 a month, when she usually averages around $30. She said the community is furious.

We tried reaching out to Craft-Turney, but with no response.

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