Colored contacts can become hazardous for consumers

Colored contacts can become hazardous for consumers
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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Cat eyes, red eyes, spooky eyes; you can do a lot with colored contacts, but these aren’t always made to be part of your costume.

“All contacts are a medical device,” said Optometrist Melvin Gehrig with The Eye Clinic. “You just cant go in and buy a medical device from a gas station. You need to get them from a medical professional who knows how to use them.”

Using these types of contacts can cause serious issues with your eyes.

“A lot of people come in because they have eye problems, issues after they’ve been wearing them, infections, ulcers—a lot of different things can happen to their eyes,” Gehrig says.

Dr. Gehrig says doctors don’t know where these contacts are from.

“The problem with colored contacts people are wearing; they’re buying them at gas stations nail joints. They’re usually black market contacts. They’re made overseas. We don’t know what they’re made out of, they could be contaminated,” Gehrig says. “The real ones are sanitized and we know where they’re coming from.”

Dr. Gehrig says you need to talk with a doctor before wearing them.

“We have a lot of people coming in with these contacts. They don’t know how to put them in, they don’t know how to care for them, they wear them all the time.”

If you’ve worn these contacts and experience red, painful eyes or loss of vision, you will need to see a doctor.

Gehrig says they carry AirOptics at their practice.

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