Gift of Love: Jonathan

Nine-year-old hopes to make memories in the kitchen with his forever family.
Published: Oct. 24, 2018 at 3:06 PM CDT
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - When it comes to cooking, even some of the top chefs in the world agree, the best ingredient is love.

“It's exciting,” Jonathan, 9, said as he waited for his first opportunity to put on a cooking apron at New York Pizza & Pasta Tyler.

For this child of the foster system, cooking is something he doesn’t get to do often.

“It makes me feel like a new kid,” said Jonathan.

With the help of one of the main cooks, Jonathan was off. He got his hands in the flour, massaged a roll of dough into his own personal pizza form, and topped it off with two handfuls of cheese and pepperonis.

As the pizza cooked, Jonathan opened up about how he ended up where he is today.

“I really need a mommy and daddy,” said Jonathan.

He said he remembers cooking with his mother as a child. Those are memories he said, “makes me both happy and sad.”

It was the bittersweet memories of his mother that made Jonathan reflect on what he hopes for in the future.

“I would say that I've been through a lot of stuff… I've been through a lot,” said Jonathan.

When asked what he wants for his life, Jonathan said he hopes for the same thing everyone else wants, “a good life.”

That includes a family he can count on.

Jonathan said, “I would tell them I love them very much and thank you for taking care of me.”

This nine-year-old finds any way he can to spread love to those around him.

When his pizza was ready to be cut, he couldn’t wait to share with his guardians and friends with him.

After one bite of his food, he said, “I’m feeling very proud.”

With a spirit that never fails, he said he’s hopeful his family is out there somewhere.

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