Upgrades coming to Buckner Park in City of Jacksonville

Upgrades coming to Buckner Park in City of Jacksonville
Buckner Park (Source: KLTV)

JACKSONVILLE, TX (KLTV) - A park in the City of Jacksonville is getting a new upgrade that community members are sure to enjoy.

The old asphalt walking trails at Buckner Park are being upgraded and replaced with concrete trails. The project will help better sustain the life of the trails and allow residents a more enjoyable walking experience. Construction began in September and is expected to be complete in November with about 80 percent of it already done.

City officials said this is the first of several improvements to the City of Jacksonville parks and recreation areas.

“We thought it’d be great to upgrade the sidewalks and put in concrete that’ll last a lot longer and provide benefit to everybody in the community that uses the park," City of Jacksonville Mayor Dick Stone said. “Hopefully people that [haven’t] used it in the past will come and take a look at it and take advantage of the upgrades we’re making,” he said.

The project is being paid for by the City’s General Fund and should be complete here in a few weeks.

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