Rusk Co. Sheriffs Office gives kids a chance to ask questions about crime-ridden world

Rusk Co. Sheriffs Office gives kids a chance to ask questions about crime ridden world

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - East Texas students are making their own personal choice to learn what really goes on in a world full of crime.

In all, 50 students are enrolled in the Leverett’s Chapel school district, and 50 of those students are sitting here in their auditorium, by choice.

“These kids are wearing my coordinator out. ‘When’s the next program? When’s the next program? When will we meet again?’” said Sgt. David Roberts with the Rusk County Sheriff’s Office.

Roberts meets with middle school and high school students each month and talks to them about real world issues. Roberts believes children should hear about them early in life.

“I can make a difference to a child. I cannot change me or you; we are set in our ways, but a child, I can still get to,” Roberts said.

Topics like drugs, bullying, and gang violence, are all covered in the Crimestoppers meetings, giving students a chance to ask questions they don’t feel comfortable asking their parents.

“It opens my eyes to what’s going on in our community, how children are affected and how adults are affected, all together,” said sophomore Cynthia.

As a rural district, Leverett’s Chapel does not have their own police department. As a result, the school district has to rely on the sheriff’s office.

“They live in a time where they have to be aware of things going on all of the time, and our kids at this school have just eaten up and absorbed what Sgt. Roberts brings to them,” said Leverett Chapel Superintendent Donna Johnson.

The students have a chance to join Sgt. Roberts in the courtroom as well, so they can see what the consequences of people’s actions truly look like.

Roberts hosts a Crimestoppers meeting at every Rusk County school district each month.

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