Mount Pleasant company rescues overgrown cemetery

Mount Pleasant company rescues overgrown cemetery

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Overgrown and under-maintained for years, an East Texas cemetery had become a concern for many who have loved ones buried in it.

The Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery on Highway 67 in Mount Pleasant had changed ownership several times, and it’s state was alarming to those who had family laid to rest there.

For years, some graves had been covered by undergrowth. Others suffered erosion from rain and even damage from feral hogs.

“Over the years, it had become overgrown. Needed some attention needed some care,” said Stan Garrett of KRB investments.

KRB stepped in, mainly because there was a deeper connection.

“Ricky Baker and Kelly Baker, the owners of KRB, have family buried here, and about 30 days ago, actually closed on the cemetery and began renovations immediately,” Garrett said.

When the brush was cleared away, graves were uncovered that may not have been seen in years.

“From a community standpoint, this property here is beautiful. Just wanted to fix it up to where it could be. We wondered, ‘What about the graves that are settling, and the fallen trees?’” Garrett said.

In the process of cleaning up, workers made some startling discoveries. Trees had grown over the tops of graves.

Already, families have begun to thank the company for coming to the rescue.

“We want this to be an area that’s going to be well-maintained. Something they’ll be proud of. Respect,” Garrett said.

KRB personnel say, there’s still a lot of work to do, which will include building a retaining fence around the 10-acre cemetery to keep the feral hogs out.

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