Son of missing Rusk Co. woman: ‘My biggest fear is that it goes cold’

Son of missing Rusk Co. woman: ‘My biggest fear is that it goes cold’

RUSK COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Kimberly Flint, 57, has been missing for the last 16 days. On Friday morning, Flint’s son, James Corbett Flint, was back along the stretch of road where his mother’s crashed vehicle was found by authorities.

“I’m not going to stop,” said Corbett Flint.

Mrs. Flint was last seen on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 26. Authorities found her crashed vehicle on the side of Highway 84 near the Angelina River bridge, but she was nowhere to be found.

“My biggest fear is that it goes cold,” said Corbett Flint. “I fear that she’ll never be found, dead or alive, or just forgotten about.”

Flint, a former military accident investigator, spent Friday morning taking measurements and looking over the area once again. After spending the past two weeks searching for his mom, Flint can no longer afford to stay off of work. This weekend, he’ll head back to work as a truck driver, but says his search will continue on the road.

“I’ll still be out there promoting and getting as much exposure as I can," said Flint. "I will be going around the country. I’ll be telling her story to every trucker and person that I can talk to.”

Flint says his mother and father were together for more than 40 years and it will be tough to leave his dad behind. Rusk County Crimestoppers is now offering a reward of $6,000 for information that could lead to finding Kimberly Flint.

The Rusk County Sheriff’s Office processed Flint’s vehicle last week. Sheriff Jeff Price told KLTV they were looking into several leads, but found nothing to lead them believe there was foul play.

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