Local pharmacists react to President Trump’s new legislation

Video: Local pharmacists react to President Trump’s new legislation

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Picking up your monthly prescription might be second nature to you, but things are about to change in pharmacies across the country.

Insurers will no longer be able to bar pharmacists from telling consumers when paying cash would be cheaper than using their insurance. On Wednesday, President Trump signed a pair of bills to lift that restriction.

“Well, now maybe they’ll feel more comfortable to say you know what are there some other options out there," owner of BrickStreet Pharmacy Jeffery Abeldt said.

Abeldt hopes President Trump’s new bill will do just that. The president signed two pieces of legislation that allow pharmacists to inform consumers how they can save money on prescriptions.

“Really, this is kind of the beginning of a long road towards more transparency inside of all healthcare, but for sure inside the drug industry," he said.

The legislation ends so-called gag orders that prevent pharmacists from discussing less expensive options with customers.

“Maybe there’s another drug that’s very similar to the one that was 1,200 bucks and, you know, might only be $50," he said.

A study in 2016 shows Americans spent over $400 billion dollars on prescription medications.

Abeldt said while the legislation doesn’t necessarily lower drug prices, it will make customers more aware of all of their options.

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