DaVita submits plan of correction for Longview facility

DaVita submits plan of correction for Longview facility
Davita clinic in Longview shuts down temporarily after letter from federal agency cites

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A plan of correction details what officials at the DaVita clinic in Longview are doing to satisfy deficiencies cited by the governing body of Medicare.

The DaVita Dialysis Center on Fredonia Street did a voluntary temporary shutdown on Sept. 28 after the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services conducted an unannounced survey on Aug. 31.

A letter from CMS to the administration stated the center “no longer meets the requirements for participation in the Medicare program because of deficiencies that represent immediate jeopardy to patient health and safety.”

A plan of control stated the center was out of compliance with infection control and physical environment.

KLTV received DaVita’s plan of correction on Thursday, which states building renovations and staff training are taking place.

The document states the wall, ceiling, baseboard and plumbing are being repaired or replaced. The foundation will also be replaced. It also states the floors are being evaluated and ceiling tiles, countertops and doors are being repaired or replaced.

The plan also states the old dialysis machines behind the dumpster have been removed, a fence will be repaired and wall graffiti will be removed.

Employees have been trained on maintaining a clean and sanitary environment and adhering to facility policies to prevent cross-contamination.

The CMS letter states DaVita has until Thursday to correct the issues or Medicare funding will be pulled.

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