TECQ helps provide relief for Craft-Turney Water Supply customers

TECQ helps provide relief for Craft-Turney Water Supply customers
Churches provide relief

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It's day three with no water for an east Texas community near Jacksonville. Just yesterday, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality said a fungicide may be to blame. The area affected includes the south side of Loop 456 on the north boundary, County roads 1615 and 1616 on the west boundary, State highway 204 on the east boundary, and F.M. 768 on the south boundary. “It’s been a little strange, and very unexpected,” Chuck Roper says.

“You realize the little things in life do make a difference,” Craft-Turney customer Charlotte Ford says.

Craft-Turney water supply customers say it’s just like camping but without the fun.

“You try and make do and try to adapt to not having water so you take things like hand washing for granted,” Roper says.

600 people in the Jacksonville area have been without water for 72 hours.

11 connections in the Craft-Turney waterline system were compromised by what the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality suspects to be a chemical meant to destroy fungus.

“We went to the laundry mat this morning and washed our clothes, and we are going to go where Central Baptist Church has set up some showers and we’ll go there and take a shower,” Ford says.

Several churches in the affected area have opened their doors for Craft-Turney customers.

Portable showers and bathrooms are available at Central Baptist Church located at 1909 E. Rusk Street and First United Methodist Church at 1031 TX-456 Loop in Jacksonville.

And because Craft-Turney has shut off the water completely, the city of Jacksonville has set up a bulk water line at a fire hydrant in front of the supply company for its customers.

The water company is continuously flushing the system to remove any potential contaminants.

No word yet on when water will be safe to use.

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