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Schneider in East Texas

Video: Actor John Schneider talks dancing with KLTV


It’s been a long time since “Dukes of Hazard” was on prime time, but entertainer John Schneider, who played Bo Duke on the show, seems to still be in his prime. He’s one of the celebrity dancers on “Dancing with the Stars” this season and made an appearance at Cowboys in Tyler to perform some of his music.

Of course, the first thing I had to ask John Schneider was: why Tyler?

“Why Tyler Texas? Because we’ve been here to this restaurant a lot, and to this nightclub a lot so we have friends here. So it just made sense to come back to Cowboys, and we talked about doing music here, talked about it for a long time, so I’m excited,” Schneider said.

He’s kept busy since those hazard days, which started when he was 18, with theater, TV, film and his music, but he’s kind of doubled up right now.

“We had a concert tour schedule set and then “Dancing with the Stars” kind of came down on top of it. So it’s tough,” Schneider revealed.

He dances at least five hours a day so his partner, Emma Slater, travels with him to practice, although she stayed in Dallas while he was in and out of the Cowboys concert in Tyler.

“So are you like dancing in the car? How do you make that work?” I asked him.

“I’m dancing in my sleep. I mean it’s crazy how this gets into you because the last thing in the world I want to do is go out there and look bad,” Schneider stated.

And so he couldn’t help doing a little footwork on the Cowboys dance floor before his sound check where he did several of his songs.

He’s been on stage with dancers, but he says he didn’t really do a lot of dancing in theater. So learning the technique and putting his best foot forward in front of millions makes him feel:

“Naked. And you’ve got to get it right, if you don’t get it right you’ve got three people who call you on it immediately and you’re out. It’s tough,” Schneider revealed.

He says he’s lost 20 pounds training for the show, but It’s always been about working hard for goals.

“So it was perspiration then, and it’s perspiration now,” I offered.

“Absolutely, it’s always about perspiration. It’s whoever outworks the other,” Schneider agreed.

He says he has no trepidation about his next dance because:

“I’ve been working on what Len said, I’ve been working on what Carrie Ann said and I want them to see it,” Schneider added.

So for now anyway he’s a song and dance man and will continue reaching for that giant glitter ball in the sky.

Schneider will continue his dance training, and concerts, sleeping when he can squeeze it in. His next dance will be a waltz which he will perform with his partner, Emma Slater Monday night at 7 on “Dancing with the Stars” right here on ABC.

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