Suspect turns self in after shooting near church

Video shows suspect shoot out of his car window

Video: Suspect turns self in after shooting near church

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - One man is in custody, turning himself in, in connection with a shooting incident outside an East Texas church.

On Sunday morning, shots were fired in front of the Hughes Springs Community Church.

Church security video shows a vehicle passing by the church, when the driver fires shots out his window.

"We had church members here in the yard they were preparing to go in for church services and began walking in when he drove by," says Hughes Springs police chief Randy Kennedy.

The man was identified by church members as 25 year old Vincent Mathis. It started as a domestic dispute with his girlfriend.

“They had gotten into an argument earlier at a residence close by, and she had decided to come to church, which she did. And then a couple of minutes later he drove by and discharged a firearm on the highway back towards the church direction,” Kennedy says.

But it wasn't just one shot. Investigators say Mathis fired several shots, And there were people inside and outside the church at the time.

Church members say there was a frightening few moments afterwards, checking to see if everyone was safe.

"We was on the inside of the church, and the guys that park the cars they came in the church and told us he came by and did the shooting," said church deacon Joe Holloman.

“Very fortunate that the bullets didn’t strike anyone, or bounce off of the pavement and strike someone else,” the chief says.

Kennedy worried it would be another deadly church shooting, like the country has seen before.

"I was dreading that we had something like that again here," he says.

But church members have a message for Mathis.

“We don’t want no harm to come to him. Probably just a spur-of -the moment thing,” Holloman says.

Vincent Mathis remains in the Cass County Jail charged with deadly conduct with a firearm.

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