Dialysis clinic patients respond to closure of Davita Center

Longview Davita closes temporarily

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The Davita Dialysis Center on Fredonia Street in Longview is temporarily closed after being informed they would no longer receive Medicare payments unless they addressed issues concerning the health and safety of their patients.

Tony Dotson is a patient of the Davita Center in Longview. He has been going there several years for hemo-dialysis treatments. Now, he has to travel to Marshall to receive treatment, all while managing the struggles of dialysis.

“It takes so much out of you, you know? You don’t have energy,” Dotson said. “You just want to go home, lay down, maybe get a bite to eat if you feel like it, lay down and try to get as comfortable as possible.”

But the side effects aren’t the only obstacle. Dotson talked about the difficulties that came when the Longview center shut down unexpectedly.

“They shuffled everybody around. We’ve all still got lives, to some degree, and people we have to take care of,” he said.

Davita patients from Longview now have to go to other Davita centers after the Longview location temporarily closed to correct issues found by the Department of Health and Human Services. Those issues include building cleanliness, cross-contamination between patients and staff, and many other problems with the building.

We spoke with a family member of a current Davita patient who asked not to be identified. The had this to say about the Longview location:

“They don’t switch their gowns between patients and supposedly Monday/Wednesday/Friday patients are the ones with infectious diseases, and Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday patients are the ones that don’t have infectious diseases.”

Like Dotson, they commented on the disruption of daily life that this shut down has caused.

It takes a toll on the caretaker and their boss and their coworkers. There’s so much you have to miss.”

The state department says if, by October 11, the Davita Center in Longview cannot complete its plan to resolve the issues, they will no longer receive payments from Medicare.

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