Cadaver dogs, drone used in search for missing Rusk Co. woman

Sheriff: “We’ve done everything that’s possible at this moment.”

Video: Cadaver dogs, drone used in search for missing Rusk Co. woman

RUSK COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Deputies with the Rusk County Sheriff’s Office and other agencies were back out on Thursday, searching for a missing Laneville woman.

Kimberly Flint, 57, was last seen on Wednesday, September 26. Her SUV was found crashed along Highway 84 near the Angelina River, just a few miles east of Reklaw.

Rusk County Sheriff Jeff Price says search crews from Rusk County and across the state combed the area on Thursday using cadaver dogs on the ground and a drone in the air.

“We know that she was here,” said Rusk Co. Sheriff Jeff Price. “But we don’t know where she’s at now. So concentrating in this general area is where we need to be to see which direction she may have gone.”

Sheriff Price says they’re looking into several different leads, but right now they do not suspect foul play.

“You always keep that in mind when you’re looking at this, but at the moment we’re dealing with a missing person and we’re trying to see if we can locate where she may have gone," said Price.

Kimberly’s son, James Corbett Flint, says he has spent the last week looking for his mother and is not giving up.

“If she has passed, I hope it was peaceful,” said James Flint. “I just want to bring her home. I want to put her to rest. I want to find her.”

Sheriff Price says investigators have also completed several searches of Flint’s vehicle and continue to treat this as a missing person case.

“We’ve done everything that’s possible at this moment, barring any new leads or new tips coming in," said Price. “So we’re just going to continue to search and continue to look for her.”

“I’m always going to keep trying to find my mom,” said James Flint. “If nothing develops today, I’m not going to stop. As long as I hold breath, I’m not going to stop looking for my mother.”

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