Neal McCoy to recite Pledge of Allegiance for 1000th time

KLTV/KTRE to live stream pledge live on East Texas Now
Updated: Oct. 3, 2018 at 12:06 PM CDT
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Neal McCoy to say 1000th pledge of allegiance from the Dallas Cowboys' main office
One man take patriotism to a new level.

GREGG COUNTY, TX (KLTV/KTRE) - For three years, entertainer Neal McCoy has been saying the pledge of allegiance live on Facebook. On Wednesday, he will reach his 1000th day to recite the pledge.

McCoy said it’s been quite a commitment, but he is serious about his patriotism.

“ My mother being from the Philippines and not from this country she went through marshal law and other things with the occupation with the Japanese in the Philippines so she knew what it was to not come from a country with the freedoms and the rights that we have ,” McCoy said.

#999 “Pledge of Allegiance” All Aboard!!!!! Join us tomorrow mornin for “Just Talkin” at 10 am central!! Then at 7:00ish pm central for the 1000th consecutive Daily “Pledge of Allegiance”

Posted by Neal McCoy on Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Neal’s grandfather was in World War One and:

“My father served in the Army,” McCoy said.

So patriotism abounded while he grew up. He enjoys pledging:

“Like we did when we were young and in school. And the lucky person got to raise the flag. That was a big deal to us,” McCoy recalled.

Then about three years ago the presidential race heated up.

“All the mudslinging had already started and I said no matter who wins the one thing that I can do is pledge allegiance to that flag and this country,” McCoy said.

“Three years, you must have done it 999 times,” I observed.

“It seems like it. Going to be a thousand this evening,” McCoy laughed.

He will be reciting the pledge live on Facebook; that’s where also holds a live chat every day called ‘Just Talkin’", where he shares whatever is on his mind and gives shout-outs to those who are watching. He typically does the pledge to the flag in his yard in Gregg County, but for his 1000th pledge, he’ll be saying it from the Dallas Cowboys main office in Frisco.

1000th day “Just Talkin” Roll Call,,,, lemme know what city and state you’re watchin this from!! Also make sure and Join us Live for the 1000th consecutive Daily “Pledge of Allegiance” this eve at 7ish pm central time, Right here!!!!!! Over 5,000,000 views of our Take a Knee video!!! Thanks so Much!!!!!!

Posted by Neal McCoy on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

He will recite the pledge with the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders and stream it live on the Neal McCoy Facebook page around 7 p.m. Wednesday. He chose the Cowboys office because they do “a lot of U.S.O tours and volunteering, so I wanted to spend time with those girls and that entire organization.”

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