Neal McCoy impostor attempts to steal money from fan

Suspect asks for a thousand dollars
Updated: Sep. 27, 2018 at 7:26 PM CDT
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East Texas News at 6.

TYLER, TX (KLTV) -After an East Texas woman thought she was contacted by a hometown celebrity, she went from excited to wary after the imposter started asking for cash.

Those involved say they want to set the record straight and ensure no one in East Texas becomes a victim.

Country music star Neal McCoy says this isn’t the first time someone’s used his name or the Angel Network name, but he hopes it’s the last.

(Source: KLTV News Staff)

“There’s no one out there on my behalf that’s saying ‘could you send us some money,’” says McCoy. “We’re not doing that, so if you get that message from somebody, just don’t do it; dig a little deeper.”

A woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, says received a text shortly after she commented on McCoy’s Facebook page. The fake McCoy asked her to donate to the East Texas angel network.

"He sent me the link to a cash transfer app that creates money from an account to a bitcoin account,” she says.

When that didn’t happen, they asked she send $1,000 through Western Union, something Tyler police say is a red flag.

“They already have funds set up or means set up through legitimate banks or going directly to their organization,” says Officer Don Martin. “If you’re being solicited through a text on your phone or a Facebook post ... most legit organizations do not do that.”

Amid preps for the annual benefit concert this weekend, McCoy says it’s sad that someone would use his name, or his organization’s name, for their own financial gain.

"That’s the saddest part is that what we’re trying to do is try to help these children,” says McCoy.

Police say if you think someone is trying to steal money from you, you should do some research. Call the organization and make sure the person contacting you is legitimate. If you have doubts, do not give out any of your information.

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